What is most important RIGHT now?

This is the question I try to ask myself when I feel pulled in more directions than advisable for being a peaceful human.

One of my boys could be standing in front of me trying to show me something and my mind is racing off to all of the other tasks that need doing. Or maybe I'm feeling rushed all of the time-- just trying to get to the next place I have to go. 
Through yoga and awareness practice, I’m finally able to STOP myself.....Wait a second....What is most important RIGHT now? What REALLY matters here?

And then I feel a sigh of relief as I give the small (or adult sized) human in front of me my full attention. Freedom!

We need more space in our minds to give our full attention to the people we love.
Deepening a yoga practice can help you to find space in your cluttered mind, heal your body and spirit and create a sense of strength that enables you to speak your truth. The process of uncovering and discovering our spirit helps us to give our full attention to what is happening NOW. 

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