I'm a movement educator & yoga therapist who loves to learn....

Drawing upon multiple movement approaches in my work, I prefer to dive deeply into a modality, integrate it into my practice and make it simple and fun for others. Yoga therapy complements traditional medicine to address chronic illness, musculo-skeletal injuries and sports conditioning. Yoga therapy works holistically and empowers clients to self-heal*. 

In 2001 I began practicing and teaching yoga and immediately I realized that it was for me. The combination of movement with creating a sense of ease in living was what I longed for (and continue to need) to heal, to feel myself. I now use that training in all of my movement adventures and in my daily life. Learning to be still --to relax and let go-- took time and  required an ‘unlearning’ of my past patterns. The tools of yoga have helped me to heal burnout and to find joy in every day life.

I’m still unlearning.

My most recent training was an 800 hour certification in yoga therapy with Bidyut Bose and others through the Niroga Instititute in Oakland, CA*. My work with Niroga inspired my passion for understanding how yoga can help in healing trauma. We’ve all experienced trauma at some level or another; we can find release through our bodies. I am most interested in how movement and yoga affects our brains and our sense of wellbeing.

With a master's degree in education a bachelor’s in psychology, I was a high school environmental science teacher for several years.  My past yoga trainings include a 200 hour training in Ashtanga yoga as well as many other trainings including the Franklin Method, Yoga for Cancer, Yoga for healthy aging, Restorative yoga, Kundalini for children, Yoga for Teens, and Forrest yoga. 

I hope you'll join me on a path to feel your best, to be able to embrace life, to face challenges with courage, vitality and love.




*Disclaimer: I am not qualified to diagnose illness. As with any form of exercise or holistic healing, please consult with your medical professional for diagnosis and recommendations.

*The yoga therapy components of my work are based on my training with Niroga Institute's certified Yoga Therapy program and are  not derived from my status as an E-RYT with Yoga Alliance Registry.